Depression Managed without medication

Does anyone manage their depressive states without taking AD’s?

I am refusing Effexor, as I believe the suffering caused by taking the drug outweighs its benefits

Talking side effects and withdrawal - this will be the fourth I have tried


How do you suffer while on it? Seems to be off it would be suffereing

I did that for years. But things are better since I’m on an ad.

I had mild depression when I was on Olanzapine 10 mg last year. I didn’t seek the help of antidepressant. Instead, I incresed the time of exercise, took American Ginseng and made a switch of AP from Olanzapine 10 mg to a combo of olanzapine 5mg and Amisulpride 5 mg. It works out for me.

i need my AD to control my depression. i don’t know how to do it without it…

My AD wasn’t doing enough to help my depression – wasn’t touching it at all. I started taking the thyroid hormone T3, and that helped a little. I’d still be depressed, but I’d be able to do things when I needed to. Now, I’m trying TMS because nothing is really getting rid of it and I feel desperate. It’s supposed to work better than meds, so we’ll see.

Just read that button mushrooms are good for depression. That’s what I read. Though they may not help, but nothing to lose.

I was on effexor and the withdrawals were horrible. If you are going on AD’s avoid effexor at all cost. Any antidepressant is better.