Anti depressants don't work on me!

Unless it’s to make me sleepy or hungry. There’s no point in taking one. For me. I want to quit my Lexapro.

I tried a few ADs and they didn’t help

Now they blame negs and say there is no treatment for it


I think the doctor says if I quit taking them I’ll notice a negative difference.

Ssri’s and mao’s were horrible for me. Effexor which works on nor epiledrine and serotonin is the bomb for me. Just stops my clinical depression and I can live. Amazing. But stupidly I came off it for a while and needed way higher doses to get by…With way more side effects but I learned to live with them simply because it made my brain good…

There’s many on the market but it’s a hard thing to find. I have clinical depression. It’s way worse than my positives for sure.

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I keep away from antidepressants because they tricker mania in me.


I’m so sorry. :frowning: I have the same problem.

Zoloft pushed me to psychosis. I don’t think I’ll ever try one again.

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Zoloft worked for me when I was younger for anxiety and such. AD’s seem to have no effect on me these days. Trintellix did nothing but cause me high liver enzymes.

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ads dont really work with me

i have tried more than i can count

pdoc feels i need another change but im tired of change

i just want to be left alone

me and my dogs have each other to calm me down

AD’s make me manic and throw me into psychosis


Cymbalta, Cymbalta, Cymbalta. I was standing right where you are now. I tried just one more time, just one more med. I tried it because it supposedly worked on pain too and I deal with a lot of pain. I am so thankful I tried. I had to go all the way maxed but it works. Yea, I have plenty of crappy days. Crappy things happen. But I’m no longer clinically depressed. And my anxiety is manageable. And it helps with the pain a little. And even though I usually go manic with the higher doses I was told it’s very unlikely I would go manic from it, and I didn’t.

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Antidepressants on their own push me towards mania/excess energy. But with APs make me numbed out.

I have tried SSR, SNRI, TCA, Litium and others without any effect but side effects-

Only MAO-I worked and now Vraylar (dopamine adjusting or inducing meds), so i guess i finally found something that actually worked, and i will take this combination probably for the rest of my life…

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You know salvation comes in many forms so you just cured yourself therefore :blush: and be happy.