Depressed about my book....lost on amazon forever

the only way people now can find my book on amazon is if they know the title…which means nobody…I may never get royalties again…confused why they took it off the search engines under schizophrenia autobiography.?

Write an email and try to figure out what they changed and if it can be corrected.

Surely there’s someone you can talk to about it.

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I already did…nothing happened…it seems amazon is tired of my low sales I guess…

You gotta email or call until you get someone,

There may be a way to get your book more findable.

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oh I guess I will do something like that if I can…just seems so hopeless…nobody responded to my inquiry the first time.

Well, its not hopeless.

You just have to put more effort into it.

Keep emailing and try to find a number you can call.

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thank you @anon54386108 I will keep trying…

I found a way to email them and I will hear back within 2 business days…thank you

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