Amazon dismissed my title of my book and now book sales have stopped

It’s all about the search engine…they turn on finding the title by name and then they take it off…frustrating damnit…oh well…at least they are still selling in town…


So it’s no longer available on Amazon?

There’s plenty of other books that are about schizophrenia or use “schizophrenia” in the title.

Why are they singling you out?

Or weren’t they selling enough?

no it’s still available but only if you search it under my name as author…no title mention in the search engine is what I’m saying… @Zannah

I think it’s just something they do from time to time…it’s happened before… @77nick77


Did you fight it?

I’m sorry @jukebox. I hope you get to sell more of your book

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thanks dear. I do too…

In the old days, search results were based on how relevant the information was.

Now, companies pay for positioning. If your book is selling 100 copies a month, and someone else is selling 1000 per month, it just makes Financial sense for them to focus there dollars on what is paying back the most. Basic cost reward

Total drag, sorry to hear that

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