Depressed. 151515

I can’t do my hobbies. I can’t paint Warhammer then I get wrist pain. I can’t build lego because then I get forearm pain when pressing the bricks down. I can’t draw because then I get wrist pain.

I can’t do ■■■■, and it’s making me hate life.

This is all because of the medications, they are destroying my body apparently. They are making my fingers, wrist arms and shoulders hurt by doing things.

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My wrists hurt when I was younger. Then I started physio and It actually helped.

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It might not be the meds, maybe you should bring it up with your family doctor.

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I’m not throwing that idea away completely but it seems weird to me that I don’t have any aches and then suddenly the year after starting medication I get pain all over my body. I’m 32, one would think it would come more gradually if it was age related or whatever


I used to feel pain doing things in general. It was when I used to give up on myself and hard to handle tough issues. Not much support I got as taking meds was not working as well. I used to have comorbidity both physical and mental illness. After curing the physical illness somewhat I feel I can try working on myself.

I am not sure how to handle your situation but give it time to heal or consult experts to address this issue at the earliest.

I will build the set I ordered, the pirate ship. Maybe the pain under my forarm isn’t something to be worried about, maybe I can just deal with the discomfort and make sure to take breaks. What do you guys think? Is this a good idea? Is pain neccecarily a sign you’re “damaging” your body? It’s so weird though, why my body is so sensitive to certain movement, like just pressing down a lego brick onto a surface, I cannot understand it… it’s kind of ridiculous.

Maybe I can work around it also by pressing down with both hands for example, sharing the work between each arm.

I think seeing the GP would be good. Years ago shortly after i started paliperidone i had terrible feet aching and leg aching all the time.

It eventually went away but it was awful. I still dont know what it is. Sometimes i wonder if i have cfs and maybe that was a flair up.

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I could build lego today without problems. Maybe it’s just the muscles getting used to a new movement, or a movement that I rarely use.

Will try to build more and take break every 40-60 minutes.

Can’t wait for the pirate ship to arrive, I’m hoping I can build it without problems.

You could try taking curcumin/turmeric supplement that is often used to alleviate rheumatism.

What you describe sounds like rheumatic disease. Also you could ask your doc for a med. Doesen’t hurt to try I guess.

Thanks for the tip @Mr_Hope

I was to the doctor over a year ago and described my pain. He gave me a medicine called Vimovo, have you heard about it?

I haven’t taken it because I’m often skeptical of medication. I think it reduces inflammation after a quick google search.

I have the medicine laying around for over a year without taking it. I checked and it expires this month.

Worth a try? I’m only worried about potential side effects if there are any.

Also @Mr_Hope do you happen to know this?: what if the medication works and I continue to do the movements that would cause pain. Wouldn’t the med mask the pain and I would do damage to my body?

I’m not a doctor so I don’t really know. But reducing inflammation would probably mean a lot less pain, so you could do a lot more.

Maybe try to research the med, or simply ask your doctor next time.

If you don’t want side effects turmeric/curcumin is your best option. It thins the blood, so should not take it if you already are on blood thinners, and you should stop taking it two weeks prior to a planned operation as a precaution. Other than that there are no serious side effects as far as I know.

I think your body will tell you soon enough if it’s masking damadge or if you simply feel better.

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