Depressed .....15

Well I’m a hard-headed person and didn’t want to acknowledge it but for the past two months ,
I’ve been in a very dark hole of depression.
Getting to me today, I guess it’s good I recognize it.

Anyone else deal with very deep depression?

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In a word - yes. I hope you feel better soon, @Chrisjjack.

Starting to feel a little more down.
Could be the shorter days.
Wishing you well @Chrisjjack! :slight_smile:

You should take some kind of action to get yourself out of your depression before it becomes too ingrained in your personality. Have you tried any antidepressants? Some of those might be in order. You might check out some different therapies, like cognitive behavioral therapy or whatnot.

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I’m dealing with this myself. It seems like when I’m strong enough to get out of it there is a big ole razor sharp fan at the top of my hole.
Be good to yourself and try not to beat yourself up so bad. Back that microscope up that your looking at yourself with.

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Thank all of you guys,

I’m still very depressed but I’ll keep a eye on it if it starts to get completely out of hand.

I’m going to try to distract myself and do little things I enjoy for now.


that big old fan is a major issue of mine,

Feeling better now that I’m embracing and focusing on actuality now, keeping it simple like you said. Got to work on being better with myself tho.

Im just letting my ■■■■■■■■ concepts/perspectives/ideas and fences die and slide out on there own and keeping real/actual instead of fighting/trying to move my mess of a head.

Don’t really know if that makes any sense but oh well.

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Depression to me is linked to finding that I can’t trust people like I need to. Broken trust and not knowing who to turn to is the dilemma. So I float around with dulled senses and avoid getting involved. It’s a waste of human resources (mine) to be this way. I hope to land on solid ground soon.


Yeah man I understand what you mean… sadly lol. Good to know I’m not alone in the experiences and feels of this stuff.

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