Dentist.. you devil

Had a tooth pulled… the tooth refused to go numb due to infection so holy batballs it hurt… but im getting so much infection out of the hole i think the dentist might have saved my life… but gawds it hurt… and it actually hurts worse since they pulled it

I had a sinus infection a few years ago that was headed for my brain… it didnt have half of the goo this tooth has produced…


Geez, you keep having tooth problems Flame. That sounds so painful! They’ve got you on plenty of antibiotics, right? :worried:

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Yea… the tooth itself was healthy… but had so much around its root… idk… im bout tired of the pure pain my body likes to throw at me every so often… between kidney stones and potent sinus infections i stay neck deep in pain most of the time


I’m sorry you have been through so much pain lately @flameoftherhine. But at least your tooth is out and you will be able to heal from the infection.
I hope you feel better soon.

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