Dementia Risk 100% Higher if Older Adult has Schizophrenia

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INDIANAPOLIS — Researchers from Regenstrief Institute and Indiana University who followed over 30,000 older adults for a decade have found the rate of dementia diagnosis for patients with schizophrenia to be twice as high as for patients without this chronic, severe and disabling brain disorder.  The rates were 64.46% versus 32.13% for people without schizophrenia. “Individuals…

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Here’s a study that found cognitive decline in older schizophrenics was the same as the larger population. It’s an article called, “Divergent Trajectories of Physical, Cognitive, and Psychosocial Aging in Schizophrenia”

 I'm a 64 year old schizophrenic, and I do well. The link here explains a lot about why I really, honestly say I do well!

oh this is just great. Im gonna die demented.

Another thrilling fact about SZ…

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Well - there is some good news on the dementia and alzheimers world:

and in another recent news story:

"A team of American researchers has been studying the effects of such experiments on mice.

They found that an infusion of young blood rejuvenates and restores mental capabilities in the brains of older mice.

Dr Tony Wyss-Coray, the senior author of the study and a professor of neurological sciences, said: “It was as if these old brains were recharged by young blood.”

The team aims to launch a ­clinical trial within months to find out whether the technique would benefit Alzheimer’s patients."

Young mice blood it is then! Thanks Admin :smile:

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we should all get a large hamsters wheel i think lol

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I’d rather exercise. That - and play my guitar + write + read - I’m putting on my list.