Delusions this morning

This morning i was an undercover cia agent whose memory was wiped and i had cameras installed in my eyes to report information on all my friends

Antipsychotics dont seem to work when im really tired


Delusions drive me crazy. I just try to ignore them. Make sure I took I hope you get to feeling better and get rid of those delusions.

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Ive been taking my meds, but when im in a really sleepy state it feels like im going back to my old way of thinking. I kind of miss it sometimes.

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That sounds good some of it. As long as you are okay.

I miss that feeling like I used to.

my advice is seek for your phsycatrist consultation to review your symptoms and to reset your medications and CBT and when you still see that it doesn’t work stay to keep on revisiting your doctor untill you feel that every thing is ok this the only solution according to my knowledge if you want your peaceful life back again you wouldn’t regret I am a GP at the end keep on this advice trust me :innocent:

I almost cut my eye out once cause i thought there was a bomb in there. I’ve had the camera in the eye delusion too. Fun times

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Idk if a full reset is necessary. Im still working up to a full dose of abilify. I chalk it up to being in a hypnopompic state. It’s only when im falling asleep or just waking up that these moments are happening.

How does CBT help? Ive heard that it isnt that useful for sz.

I get delusions in the morning and have to sort out and realize they are just that. Delusions.


I used to call them waking dreams, ironic that they often keep you from actual sleep. But it’s good you can funtion enough to come here for support.
What tools & ways do you have to refocus yourself?

I just went back to sleep and woke up in better condition. I was too tired to get anxious about it.

You listened to what your body needed, well done

Cbt is to useful beside to proper medications because at that time symptoms will be easy to overcome it makes easier to understand the nature of the symptoms and how to overcome them with keeping good self insight Which as all will help regain almost total control of your life so proper medications with proper cbt means very good progression best wishes for you

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