Delusions or reality

There were a few events that were quite traumatising for me from back when I was a teen. The thing is, is that when these things happened I was becoming psychotic around the same time. I personally believe that at least some of the things that I remember happening did happen. And that they in part triggered my susceptibility for psychosis and schizoaffective disorder. But there’s no way to be certain that it wasn’t mostly in my head. It kinda gets me down that I’ll never know what was fact or fiction from that period of my life.
I guess I should probably talk to a therapist about this dilemma…

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IDK, I have no problem separating what’s real from what isn’t now that I look back at it. It was impossible to tell the two apart at the time though.

I didn’t develop symptoms until age 30 though.

I’m getting a therapist. I’m in the process of kinda interviewing the ones that take medicare/medi-cal. My psychiatrist and the medicine on its own really isn’t enough in my opinion. I recommend if you have coverage to test it out, I used to get therapy in my twenties before I was schizoaffective, and it helped me a lot.

@agent101g Yeah I’m pretty sure in Australia most therapists return the majority of the fee back to the client through Medicare. Which is nice.
But yeah my onset was at 16 yrs old. I’m now 27 and am still uncertain about what the hell happened.

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That must have been hard if it happened while you were still in high school. I can’t imagine juggling courses now that I’m sick.

In my early twenties I banged out a 3.7 average through my first two years of college, 15 credits per semester. When I got sick I couldn’t pass a single course any more, the work just piled up.

I’m hoping in the future I regain some of my mental acuity so I can give it another shot some day.

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