Delusions and Medication

Does medication aid and help with delusions? Do delusions go away with medication. I’m asking cause ive been on medication for a month and my delusions are still troubling me.

Yes, they definitely can help. I think it can take up to 6 weeks to start feeling a reduction in symptoms and several months to feel the full effect of the med.

When do you see your doctor again?

My AP definitely helps with my delusions, but it doesn’t make them go away completely. I think it’s normal.

I had a major problem with delusions for a number of years and went through a bunch of APs. Zyprexa is the best one for delusions. Thankfully it doesn’t make me fat but I hear a lot of stories about it being the worst weight gaining drug. In addition to combating delusions I find it also helps with anxiety and sleep.

I take 40mg zyprexa (along with other two aps) and I am hungry all the time

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I just started perphenazine/Trilafon and after 2 weeks I started to just barely notice a reduction in how intensely I believed my delusions. I was actually able to admit they might be delusions. I’m still not really convinced, but I just started the med, so I’m giving it time.

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