It's been 4 months and I feel like my meds are finally starting to work

Can it normally take this long?


That’s amazing! What differences do you feel internally now that the meds are working?

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I’m starting to realize that I can’t become the dictator because that would be like becoming a part of history and I’m not important enough for that to happen.


Do you feel this is a positive change? I’m impressed; I don’t think I’ve experienced my meds changing my thinking like that.

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That’s good news @flowers20 . I know how much you were tormented by these thoughts.

I still have slight doubts, but I just have to tell myself I’m not important enough.


Glad to hear it’s working for you

Glad to hear this @flowers20

That dictator delusion you’ve had really affected you, I happy for you that the meds are helping and you’re starting to realize it’s not true. Sometimes meds take a while to work. They kept me in the mental facility for 5 months before they were happy with my progress and then released me.


That’s really good news. It took the medicine months to take care of my delusions. Nowadays the medicine kind of keeps them locked away. Sounds like you’re on the same kind of journey I was.

I was under the delusion that I had already died, and was trying to figure out when. I thought I was instead living in Purgatory being tested by angels to decide whether or not I’d get to Heaven. So I treated everybody very nice, but sometimes I wanted to go to heaven right away so I’d do dangerous stuff. It was a dangerous delusion. Now I know that people are who they are and actions still have consequences. I am happy to put worrying about the afterlife off for another 30 years.

When you say months, how many months did it take you?

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Zyprexa was the medicine that finally worked for me, and I was on it 3 months before I started noticing improvement, and probably 6 months before the delusions went away completely

That’s great, @flowers20 ! I’m glad things are feeling a little clearer for you.

I was on meds about a year before I became “stable”.

It took me six or seven years to become stable. That’s pretty fast.

Wow so when I don’t feel all the way there, I should remind myself other people take longer to recover.

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My therapist told me the average is 3-5. Not necessarily 3-5 years for the meds to work, but 3-5 years to get stable, then get back on your feet.


Maybe you just rationalised it naturally after such a long time in it. Meds maybe helped

What does that mean rationalized?

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Thinking rationally. To think in a logical manner, to use reason when thinking. It’s essentially the opposite of thinking in a delusional manner.

Ok got it.