Delusional spending

I have a delusion about babies and babies coming into my life. Not me giving birth, but females around me giving births and then giving me the baby.

Or that I got some young lovely pregnant and she will just give me the baby and go. Or that I got a spirt pregnant and she will take human form, have the baby, give it to me and go back to the spirit world. But I will wake up with this feeling that there is a baby on the way.

I have spent tons of money on baby cloths and baby shoes and baby toys. I’m a guy, but I know there is a baby due in my life sometime. But my sis keeps returning the baby cloths to pay rent. Smart girl. I’ve told the ladies at the baby clothing store that I’m a doting Uncle. Which is true… I do buy a lot of stuff for my nieces and nephews.

I am working on spending my money on real needs instead of hopeful delusions.

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i never thought i wanted children. But now i do kind of wish i would had one. But it didn’t work out and i was in no shape to raise children for many years financially or with my mental health not to mention i never met Mr. Right. It’s still not too late but the clock is definitely ticking fast!

I think it is best that you don’t spend on baby stuff though!! You need to pay rent and save for the future! :slight_smile:

Forgive me if I’m way off base… In dealing with some of my son’s small delusions, I have taken to calling them wishful thinking. If we are going through a tough time and he wants his dad to let him move back then he is waiting for that phone call to make arrangements. He has turned wishful thinking into a reality. I know this doesn’t quit compare to what you are dealing with. I just sometimes think that considering the fact that we are living in a world where phrases like “mind over matter” or “believe in it and it will happen” and even “Imagination is more important then knowledge” have become such a big part of our existence… Anyways it just makes me think about where evolution is taking us :smile:

Perhaps examine why it is so important to you to have a baby in your life. Why do you want one? Delusion or not you look forward to this event and it seems the thought of one makes you happy. You have plenty of time for this wonderful event to happen and when the time is right you will be ready.

I used to spend money on Krav Maga training…talk about being paranoid, lol. It’s bad im actually pretty dangerous. They sent seven cops that one night when I was super drunk, lost my ■■■■ and started getting belligerent. I quit taking Krav Maga lessons but now I am getting into powerlifting, which is maybe worse because now I know krav maga and am able deadlift and squat multiple times my weight. The good thing is, my meds work, and I have insight now so I’m not actually dangerous anymore.

If my meds just quit working I would willingly go to a mental hospital. I have complete insight into being mentally ill, I am no longer even near legal insanity, but before I was diagnosed I was actually insane, I had a completely delusional concept of reality and I behaved oddly.

The weird thing is… there is no Mrs. Right in the picture. It’s all drop the baby and leave. I always picture myself as a single Dad. I can easily picture myself as a Dad, but I can’t in any way picture myself as a husband.

It would be me and the baby and My Mackenzie family. No Mom picture in my brian.

Would you be able to qualify for the Big Brother’s program in your area? A lot of little kids do not have a proper role model in their life. :

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i wish i could meet mrs right, i want a proper family :family: