Delusional again help

The neighbors are talking about me how they’re going to kill me. I’m not leaving without my taser. I just feel overwhelmed. I have been drinking caffeine. Idk. I’m tired of my voices.


Do you have grounding exercises you can do to help lower your stress level? The less stressed you are the less positive symptoms will affect you. Something like having a cuppa and watching a funny or cheerful TV show, or doing a hobby that brings you pleasure.

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Stop drinking caffeine,

That’s just making things worse.

Can you try to relax?

Maybe just sit in your chair and listen to music with headphones.

Your neighbors are not trying to kill you,

It’s just the illness


Yeah I have a few hobbies. I need to stop with the caffeine. Thanks for your thoughts.

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I’ve had to mostly quit caffeine as it makes my heart problems worse. Lots of excellent caffeine free teas out there. If you must have coffee, consider brewing some decaf.

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My delusions are about the supernatural. I want to believe in something but it costs me. I never think neighbors are out to get me but I thought one was sending me a cruel thought the same thing each time. It’s tied into my self destructive nature, my addiction, depression and death wish.

Try and get on medication and keep trying. I am on Clozapine. It does not eliminate voices but it helps a lot. Wish I tried to solve voices problem with medication earlier.

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voices always tell me “”"""""""“i m going to die , they are going to kill me “””"""""
so i made topic here to ask if anyone is similar to me

responders say to me it is so common
whenever i feel i will believe them i go and see my topic i feel good and say to myself it is better to focus on other thing
that is genius thing i did!

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I think you should calm down. It is normal for us to think that our neighbor wants to kill us. I think it is just the schizophrenia speaking. I struggle with evil thoughts too, they are out of our control but I don’t think it is real, it just feels like a nightmare when we wake up. Get some sleep.

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