Delusion-prone people 'more likely to rush into decisions'

A new study by researchers from Royal Holloway, University of London in the UK claims that individuals who are prone to delusions are more likely to make rushed decisions.

A delusion is an irrational belief that something is true, even when there is concrete evidence to the contrary. Delusions are prominent in many mental health disorders, including schizophrenia.

According to study author Dr. Ryan McKay, of the Department of Psychology at Royal Holloway, individuals who experience delusions “have unjustified, and sometimes bizarre, beliefs about themselves and the world.”

“A tendency to gather insufficient evidence when forming beliefs, and making decisions, is thought to be a core cognitive component of delusion formation,” he adds.

In their study, recently published in the journal Psychological Medicine, the researchers wanted to better determine the role of delusions in decision-making.
Delusion-prone subjects failed to gather as much information

Study participants were asked to complete a questionnaire detailing how prone they were to experiencing delusions, before taking part in a computer-based experiment that measured their ability to gather information before making a decision.

In the experiment, participants were asked to watch a screen on which they were shown a sequence of black or white fish that had been caught from one of two lakes. Based on their observations, the participants were asked to decide which lake was the source of the fish.

Rewards were given to the participants if they chose the correct lake, but they received penalties if they chose incorrectly. “The combination of rewards and costs created optimal decision points, allowing us to investigate genuine ‘jumps to conclusions,’” Dr. McKay explains.

The researchers found that the more prone to delusions participants were, the more likely they were to decide on a lake earlier than those who were less prone to delusions. In other words, delusion-prone subjects failed to gather as much information to ensure they were making the best decision.


In the schizophrenia ,All irrational beliefs or false beliefs are the result of vocal bilateral dialogue between the mind of schizophrenic and a conscious psychological entities {which so-called hallucination "
-the bilateral discussion has make radical changes{ falsification} for the personal cultural content

-the schizophrenic building most his decisions inspired from the faked beliefs { the results of bilateral discussion},specially in the first stages of sz occurrence

I know that I’m sort of impulsive when it comes to stuff. I have made a lot of rash decisions in my life.

I think it’s a pretty shallow experiment. In fact a lot of people with delusions seem to gather far too much information, and their main difficulty is in finding the right criteria to decide what is relevant and what is important, in other words, they have problems evaluating the evidence.

If the information gathered is merely giving further confirmation to a belief that is quickly arrived at, and is not exploring possible alternative explanations, it could still be seen as insufficient though quantitatively ample.

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Are you atabo? 15 chars

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yes,i come back in new name not in new look !
I came back to make outspoken discussion “bald” with those who write wrongly things about the schizophrenia,who write a scientific myths about sz and schizophrenics upon request or

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I always make rush dicisions wile being delusional or not,
My psychotic symptom is delusion.

It is a bit like spending money to research that people who are happy are not depressed.

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Before forming beliefs in mind of the schizophrenic:
you should know that,all mental processes that antecedence the process of
behavior production and make decisions,are vary different about the mental processes
that occur in the mind-brain of all human beings

  • perception the mental /sensual inputs ,understanding the meaning and forming
    the concept has occur through new mental processes that never happen in the mind-brain
    of all humans

-inside the mind-brain of schizophrenic,the mental processes is happen by new vocal
way {phonetic mechanism},wherever the thoughts has become articulate and audible internally,
that is because there is an exchange to the thoughts (mental information } between the
mind-brain of the schizophrenic and the source (the parasitical psychological entity} who can transformation the thoughts of mind into audible voices AND send a vocal messages
to the mind of the schizophrenic {the source can read the thoughts and can send vocal thoughts }

=during the time of exchange process,the thought content of the schizophrenic
has been changed " partially" to become a false thought “false believe”,that is occurs through each 3 seconds most time of wake without stop

-the schizophrenic does not loses his belief, he remain to have his old belief,but
after the occurrence of radical changes in the core of his belief
-he adapts his old belief in new look or form ,new irrational belief that disagree with
the common beliefs of the individuals of his society

in sum,if you do not know a realistic way to block the process of thoughts exchange
between the mind-brain of the person and the voice source,YOU CAN NOT STOP THE
PROCESS OF false beliefs formation !!

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