Delusions: Sticking With Conclusions

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This morning, there were three black cars parked in front of my house. This must mean that they are spying on me. I am freaking out because I am sure now that I have become a target for this vast, international, right-wing conspiracy.’ At the core of this quintessential delusion lies an unusual conclusion (‘target of conspiracy’) from a usual sight (‘three black cars’). For decades, researchers have assumed that delusions are the result of people jumping to irrational conclusions on the basis of little evidence. However, this view fails to explain why delusions are usually very ‘sticky’ beliefs that are resistant to new evidence. In this issue of Brain , Baker and co-workers use a fresh computational approach to help address this issue (Baker et al. , 2019


I am not going to register, so a few excerpts would be nice. Especially the conclusions. :slight_smile: