Delusion (people laughing)

Sometimes I feel, and I actually see it, that most people are laughing at me. Also that they stare at me, and think something horrible about me.

I know deeply, that people never care so much about others, they’re mostly focused on themselves
… but I cannot help myself, if I go somewhere, and if someone is laughing - the first thought which comes to my head is that they laugh at me.

I remember I read here at this forum, that maybe it’s not even a delusion.
Maybe some people are simply afraid of criticism, other people opinions, and they feel like they’re being laughed off?


I doubt that people are laughing at you. I don’t know why they would.

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At certain moments I even find stupid reasons for this…

Maybe that I walk strangely, maybe that my clothes today were strange, maybe that I am a bit overweight. I find many reasons.

Sometimes I believe that they feel like I am worthless or that it’s an jealousy. Why jealousy, I believe my head gives me throwback to school years, when several girls were mocking me for a very stupid reason.

My doctor once said, that I could start feeling like people are laughing at me, but never explained why is it.

And at the end of the day, I feel like I overestimate myself because who the hell would care on how I walk or how I look, in real… but I still feel this way🤦

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Your clothes don’t don’t strange to me and you don’t look overweight in your pictures. I think it’s just in your head.

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Could be that my head is making tricks on me.

Overall the more I try to not think that people laugh at me- the more it seems that way.

But when days are better, my mental health improves and I start understanding that people are really laughing because of their reasons.

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I think it’s more likely that people are laughing at their conversations than laughing at you.

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I have the exact same delusion. I don’t know how to overcome it either but it’s plagued me for decades.

Often my first manifestation of positive symptoms is an evil voice laughing maniacally.


i think its mostly a delusion tbh …three things…

  1. sometimes we project our own thoughts onto others…so if your laughing or smiling it can seem like others are too. or if you frown it seems like others are too. try it even with a picture. our own emotional state can change our perception about what others are feeling.

  2. its probably a lot of it just paranoia…we have to accept that we have this condition to see past it

  3. i think people are good, but we feel our own pains more than others. its just like that. so people can sometimes be mean. but sometimes people dont mean to be mean as well you know? sometimes we say things without really meaning it.

hope you can overcome this problem


When I’m paranoid and out and about I start thinking people are staring at me and that I look bad in that I’m not smiling or that I look weird like a freak


I had this happen to me at the beginning of my psychosis. I was in the dollar store and could’ve swore everyone was laughing at me. Your mind can play tricks on you for sure.


You don’t have to worry about a thing. These are symptoms that you have already recognized to be false. You still feel them all the same. But they are not worth acknowledging with the dignity of a response from yourself. I hope you can disengage from these feelings.
I’m sure a lot of us were bullied, that doesn’t take away from your experience but adds the common knowledge of a collective that have experienced that and have ways to cope or resolve issues.

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We just need to not exaggerate the thoughts and belief that someone is laughing at us. Ignore them and move on. There are lot on our plates already to worry about. We need to concentrate on what is important at the moment.

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Whenever I’m around people at work who are whispering or talking lowly I feel like it’s about me. I think part of that is social anxiety. I try to tell myself they are probably not talking about me.

People are probably not laughing at you, but I know it’s hard to shake that feeling

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I used to get this real bad. Luckily not much anymore. But i know how it can feel. I hope you can get past it sooner or later. Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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