Delete old Private Messages

@SzAdmin: maybe I missed it, but is there a way to delete PMs? If so, please explain the process because I’m not immediately aware of a way. Thanks.

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In the options for the message, like where you can flag it, edit it, etc. there should be a button for “show more”. Clicking that will add more options including delete.

Thank you for the quick response.

Your directions are crystal-clear, but I can’t find the “show more” button.

Are you looking at the list of messages or have you clicked on the message itself. You need to click on the message thread.

I clicked on the message itself. I have the options to share a link, flag, edit, bookmark, and of course, reply.

Sorry to thread-jack, but I can’t find it either.

Not finding it mister moderator. :frowning:

Hmm no sure then. Are you the one who created the message?

Created, and got a reply.

Same here…

Not to bombard you with questions, but is there a message limit? Because if there is, I’m sure people will want to make room as it fills up.

I don’t think there is a limit. I don’t see mention of one anywhere.

That’s a plus. It looks like deleting PMs is a no-go.

Found this on a site reviewing Discourse:

While there are several items which I may cover in a future blog post, one of the last items which I will cover here is hiding features from users with low trust levels… This isn’t dangerous features like deleting posts and so forth but rather, more simply ones like private messages. You’d think that their reasoning for this is something like trying to keep the number of spambots down and so forth but instead, the reason that they give for this is… To prevent users from being overwhelmed by the large number of features.

Seriously? Users getting overwhelmed? So, they are penalising all new users (regardless of whether they’ve been on a forum before or are brand new to the whole concept) since they think that the users may ger overwhelmed by all of the features? Come on, all you need is some FAQs or tooltips, if you want to make features more friendly to understand which cures the root of the problem better and doesn’t punish the members who know what they are doing.

Found this in the same post:

I’ve seen messages on the MyBB Community Forums where one member even thought that it was a credible competitor which leads to my opinion on the matter… This? A competitor? Really? Are you joking? What’s this going to compete with? Vanilla? Don’t make me laugh, there are so many problems with this software that there’s no hope in hell of me actually using it to run one of my own sites.

The show more looks like “…” for me. Maybe that will help.

There is no ‘show more’ option to allow deletion for me. This needs to be rectified asap.

For me I see: Heart, Chain, Flag, Banner then …
The … has more options that include garbage can and wrench

What do you see?

Keep in mind it may be a little hard for us admins as our access will give us options to delete posts etc that you may not have.