Degenerative rumors


Not true in my case. I just came a hairs breath from getting an ‘A’ in my online ‘History of Film’ class. I had to settle for a ‘B’. In the class we watched two films a week. Netflix. Each week for 12 weeks we wrote three papers. A 300-500 word review of a film we picked to watch ourselves, worth 15 points. A 100-500 word paragraph answering questions the teacher asked about a REQUIRED film, 5 points. And a 100-500 word paragraph in response to our thoughts on other students reviews, 5 points. For an ‘A’ in the class I needed 200 points. I got 190, a ‘B’. I got the full score on every assignment for 12 weeks. Didn’t miss one point. But I didn’t turn in a couple assignments. It won’t phase me. Next class I will know better and leave myself more time for completing assignments. But anyway,degenerative. I live on my own. I manage ALL my money. Pay ALL my bills. I take care of my own business. My credit score is excellent. In 12 years I have only missed ONE monthly credit card payment, which turned out to be a technical problem that was the banks fault. So they let me slide. I make phone calls, make and keep appointments. I deal with Social Security and Medicaid myself. I take good care of my cat. I don’t think I’m a saint or perfect. I mess up all the time. And living on my own is not easy. But I’m doing it.



Your achievement is an inspiration to us. I am very happy to hear about your progress. Take care and have a relaxed and enjoyable holiday, nick.



i admire you the way you look after yourself , i can’t communicate on the phone or well with people , my wife deals with all that side .
i work but thankfully it does not involve talking to other human beings .
take care



Thank you.You too green6.



Maybe a good suggestion Tanaka.

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We all have our strengths. You’re lucky to have a wife.

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