ALMOST a perfect score

I just finished a timed quiz for my online class. I had 40 minutes to take it and I finished with just 6 seconds to spare! There were 25 questions, each question was worth 6 points. I only missed one, so I scored 144 points. I did good. The teacher posts the grade we are pulling so far, for the quarter, as we go along. I am getting a “B+” so far but I’m shooting for an “A”. It’s still possible. But this quiz really gives me a little more confidence in what I’m doing in the class.


Great job Nick! :tada: You’re so close to an A. Keep up the hard work. I know you can do it!



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What’s the class in?

Humanities 1B. We are studying the Dark Ages in Europe and the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. I’m sure everybody has heard the famous quote by Thomas Hobbs a famous figure in the Renaissance, : “Life is nasty, brutish and short”.

That quote describes my father better than I’ve ever heard before.

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Glad I could help…

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Keep up the good work :smile:

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great for you and also us too.

thanks nick. judy

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Congratulations! Here’s hoping for an A. :smiley:

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I just went to the class website. My score on the quiz raised my cumulative grade for the entire class so far to an "A-.

Perfect enough i would say.

“Life is short and brutish, so don’t put anyone else here.” - Me