Decided to do one painting a month...doable goal

and at that rate, I can have fifteen paintings for the art show in just over a year. I might take a bit of break months in between, don’t know yet…getting ready to paint next month first time in about a year.


Sounds a worthwhile goal. I think it helps if you have a passion for things like art but I can relate. Finding motivation to do hobbies and things is so hard for me.

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are you semi or deeply depressed @rogueone you never say…I know you do a lot…maybe time management would help?

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Depression is good. Positives aren’t usually an issue unless stressed. Just the negs and motivation are big hurdles. Still. I get things done and I’ve found if you keep moving you’ll do more. One step at a time and soon you might be jogging along…I guess for me it’s allocating the time and just doing it!


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