Death by McDonald's

I ate McDonald’s the other day. I figured that the overwhelmingly satisfying taste of cow flesh outweighs the effects of extreme weight gain and fatal disease.etc I’ll do it again too if the moment strikes me!

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“Life by Dominos”

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I used to eat up to 15-20 burgers a week when I was really busy working on the road. But I was super active so I never gained weight :joy:

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This post got flagged and it will be deleted 4 days after the final reply. I guess it was too negative or something…i dunno. I do like McDonald’s though, much like cigarette smokes before I quit.

or maybe thats just what happens to posts. the paranoia is kicking in again. lol

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Resurrection by Pizza Hut.

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No one ever asks the cow his opinion on the matter.

Lets train a cow to eat humans and set her loss in McDonald’s HQ.

hahaha 15 characters

I was thinking about doing a 1 third burger and fries every day 3 times but with weightlifting.

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