Mcdonalds fast food

I feel like such an arshole when I eat McDonald’s. I hate fast food but I can’t stop eating it’s so nice especially KFC.

I eat it between 3-4 times per week. Is that bad


I like Wendy’s and burger king better than McDonald’s. Popeyes is better than KFC and I’m from Kentucky. Dairy queen is my favorite

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Fast food isn’t a healthy choice. You must decide what it is you eat. Maybe once a month you could have some fast food but generally eating nutritious food daily is the way to go. Food from the supermarket is also less expensive than eating out.


I love their mustard and their chips. :slightly_smiling_face:

My favourite fast food is dominos pizza and papa johns! :pizza:

McDonalds is okay but I am vegetarian so not much I can eat there… frappes are good though!

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If you know it’s not good for you, and ultimately is making you unhappy then you should try limit your fast food intake to 3 a week, then 2 a week and try stagger it down or going for healthier alternatives.


the only “fast food” that we have in our town is Subway. But our town doesn’t even have a drive thru anything. Good thing too or I’m sure I would weigh 600 pounds

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That’s pretty bad. Maybe once a week is fine as a treat, even once a month but 3-4 times a week is excessive and very unhealthy…

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I like Shari’s

They’re open 24 hours a day, so, if it’s one of those nights when I’m up at 2 a.m. I can go there, and then I usually almost have the whole restaurant to myself. And they have these really tall booths, so I can slump down and sort of hide if I feel like it.

What do you get at McDonald’s. I would get the two cheeseburgers, plain or the chicken selects. My Iop was right next to McDonald’s so you can often. Popeyes or KFC is another fantastic option.

I dig the cajun chicken burger, I was into the big Macs but I sorta convinced myself it’s not real meat lol. Someone told me the chicken is actually kangaroo can’t believe that for a minute lol

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The value menu at McDonald’s is probably the best value menu of all the hamburger chains.

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LOL about the kangaroo. We don’t have a Cajun burger here that sounds delicious. I went to bass master pro shop yesterday with my friend They had a restaurant I got a burger it was great but very unhealthy.

I would love to go to those fishing shops. Cant believe they have food store in them.

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Nahhh it was sitdown restaurant. It had a bowling alley too right in the restaurant. The store was freaking huge. It was a cool experience. We went to look at the guns we saw everything from berettas to smith n Wessons

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Here in province of Québec, the best fast-food restaurants are small restaurants which we can find everywhere and which are usually only opened during summer. We call them “casse-croûte”.

Here is an image of a casse-croûte :


We have similar places they’re called different though they’re called takeout, they’re really good usually. They look the same as that. They serve hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken fingers, french fries , Etc.

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Is that like a burrito stand?

Great!!! I thought that we could only find that in our province. You just learned me something! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I always see taco and burrito stands in movies.

Are they good?