Dealing with the withdraw symptoms of invega sustenna

Is anyone else dealing with the withdraw symptoms of invega sustenna? It’s such hell for me. I’m having a really hard time dealing with it. I don’t know what to do with myself. I wish I knew how much longer I have to deal with this. It’s been 5 months and to think it could be another 7 just kills me inside or the fact that only time will help. :cry: I’m miserable.

What symptoms are you having?

I don’t know the names of the feelings I’m feeling but just feeling of dullness mainly and anxiety. Small things like not getting the full feeling from eating or not getting tired. I swear I’m not dreaming. My dopamine and serotonin receptors are blocked. Just dealing with the side effects from that. Not being able to concentrate. Being unbelievably bored.

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Im not good at explaining myself

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As u know, I’m with u on how shitty this is… I was feeling great two days ago and now it’s like impossible to get up off the couch.

Do u ever have that issue? I think it’s because of the med starting another half life but it’s a little early for me if that’s the case…

I read that sunlight helps break down the invega so my goal this summer is to literally just lay out. I also might buy some St. John’s wart bc it’s supposed to have an enzyme that breaks down the invega… I’ll let u know how it works out

I guarantee you that trump will be out of office before we start to feel better lol…

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