DEA Declares CBD And Other Marijuana Extracts Illegal Under New Rule

I feel like we r gonna see a lot more of this in the near future. Someone i know who works in the industry is actually scared about his job security


This seems bizarre to me. CBD doesn’t get you high. It has medicinal benefits. I’ve never tried it though.

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i know. it doesn’t make much sense. But u do feel it. It doesn’t get u stoned per se but u do get a little kick from it. But i feel bad for the people who have been using it for their kids who have seizures and everything. Its quite a remarkable substance. But sadly i feel we’ll see more stuff like this. Though i will agree that most everyone in the country wants it legal. I even see 70 year old people walk into dispos

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As the article states, the DEA can only enforce existing laws, not create laws.

This will be overturned on legal grounds.


I’m incorrect.

In 1970, Congress approved a Bill called The Controlled Substances Act (now known as The Controlled Substances Act of 1970), which was signed into law by President Nixon. The Controlled Substances Act provides the authority to classify drugs to the DEA, There are 5 classifications.


SO much for being healthy and NOT getting high.

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That’s why I just smoke pot. I admit it, I smoke it nearly every single day nowadays. I get my cbt and my thc and my smoke alot gets me feeling good you know? But cbd oil doesn’t get you high, and all those people making those federal laws are on pharmacopeia pay rolls. You know it, I know it. You know weed cures the sick and prolongs the dying and negates mind control but STILL, TO THIS DAY IS SLANDERED AND WALKED ON BY BUREAUCRATS THAT GET POCKET MONEY FROM BIG PHARMA.


I also admit i smoke and i smoke the strong oil stuff but it doesn’t solve the problem it only masks it. Its hard for me without weed in me. I love it i won’t lie but like i said it only covers up the deep scars i have



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Knock it off @neveragain You were flagged because you used the n-word and because you suggested someone use 4 blunts a day.

Yeah but technically even though it is still illegal that doesn’t stop some states from legalizing it or ignoring the law. You see that with marijuana and with sanctuary cities.

I could tell you why, but it’s getting very political…so I’m out.

At least it isn’t like europe rape is practically legal in some areas. I won’t get into that because it sounds bad. At least from what I heard.

Total bullsh!t.

What if Cbd passes its anti_psychotic drug…After all its a drug…!!! so strange decision …!!!

CBD has been an excellent supplement for my Risperdal. It makes food taste delicious lol