Hemp is finally legal


I put this under medications because this is big news for cbd


Probably should have been news but whatever


I just bought a bunch of CBD Flower from CBD Hemp direct.

I also tried CBD oils from Lazarus Naturals and Bluebird Botanicals. Both offer very large discounts if you are disabled.

Anyone else try CBD for their symptoms?


The farm bill makes it legal to grow hemp.

The DEA has not yet reclassified CBD except for the epilepsy prescription drug. CBD is officially illegal in Ohio still.

I hope the DEA and FDA relax their policies.


CBD helps my arthritis pain a LOT. It also does wonders for my husband’s neuropathy.

I’d like to get cbd flowers and steep them to make my own oil.


When I was a teenager there was a hemp clothing company called “ganja where”. I do t think they’re around amymore


All forms of Cannabis are legal in my state of MA


I’m interested in bulk CBD oil to help with positive symptoms, if Amyloban 3399 (Lion’s Mane) doesn’t work for it. Also want it for arthritis pain.


I went to the dispensary in Northampton Massachusetts but the line was down the street.


@Gratitude I haven’t been yet


Hey I am 45 … diagnosed schitzo at 19… I’ve Tryed multiple cbd brands… CBD WORKS… but most brands are crap!!! Ceharoletts web worked best until the isolate.came out… but I noticed the .30 thc effected me in the long run…the first month I took it my symptoms got better and better… after a month it got a little worse… then I ran out of Charoletts web… my symptoms started getting better after stopping one day… BUT…and I do mean BUT… after I went 4 days with no cbd they got way worse… the cbd is suppose to work by building in ur fat cells and liver…BUT … % 0.30 thc does as well… so the thc stays active in your system… but when u miss a couple days it starts to metabolize out… so the negative effects of THC start to fade away and the CBD is left in the higher levels. But after four or five days the CBD metabolizes out as well. So while taking charlottes web CBD was being very effective and productive but the THC at the same time was being counterproductive … I eventually found a CBD isolate powder on the Internet that had a much lower levels than 0.30 levels of THC. But charlottes web in the last six months has come out with a new CBD isolate oil that has 13 parts per million of THC …so basically if you break one percent into 1 million pieces this new oil has only 13 pieces of thc for every million pieces of A percent… basically close to 1000th of 0.30 of THC … I have not gotten a chance to try it yet but charlottes web with the .030% seem to work really well but I think this other one will work much much much better I… if you do try any of the CBD be very careful though… lots of the brands were missed labeled and I have extra stuff in them that will exasperate schizophrenia symptoms I found that out the hard way also if you try find a reasonable psych doctor that will help and give a crap that you’re trying to do something to help yourself …that has an open mind to alternative treatments would help a lot


Sorry to be long-winded but I also did notice that taking the charlottes web with the 0.30% of THC I pretty much did not go over 30 mg a day and I actually would measure it out into gelcaps 15 mg of CBD per capsule one twice a day … but if you get the new charlottes web isolate you could probably take 200 mg a day and not experience any negative effects from the THC not that you would need to but you could probably go over that And still not worry about it I think they suggest 50 to 100 mg a day for schizophrenia depending on the form I have done a whole whole whole lot of research on the stuff


What is the normal average % of thc they sell in cbd oil. I know its min but will it show up in drug tests?


Damn that’s great. Now I don’t have to hide my out-of-control rope making habit anymore.
Ain’t America wonderful?


Rope a dope… smoke the rope


I make my own edibles from flower I get at the dispensary. Home made cannabis butter is so much better than the edibles I can buy at the dispensary.