Daughter's High School Orientation Day

So my girls are going to a new High School going into grade 9. Today they held a Pep Rally for all of the newbie kids and showed them around the school…with music, singing, dancing and great spirit. It was wonderful actually.

My first day of High School I got thrown into a locker! That was in 1979, though. I think some things have truly changed for the better.


I still remember being a ‘Minor Niner’…with my Adidas bag for my books…kodiak boots…and stoner jacket.

Some fashion is just never meant to make a comeback, I suppose.

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Good luck for your daughters starting high school. I hope they enjoy their time there.

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My kids loved the big school (around 2000 kids). It has been the best thing. They all started studying hard and finding awesome friends. I hope it.is great for your daughter :blush:

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