Dating advice that mom/grandma/dad etc gives

My grandmother always says:
“Go slow and watch for snakes” and
“When in doubt … don’t”

Here’s what my aunt said about my daughter’s dad:
“He’s too old for you”


If he kisses your forehead he’s a keeper.

Humility is very important.


That’s a good one.


How sweet! My uncle Dave is the sweetest man and he kisses the kids on the forehead. He’s the one (my aunt’s husband) who has esophageal cancer


I was told I need to be careful cos I’m sensitive. (Obv referring to the sz)

But as of late I get the opposite advice, so idk what to think anymore.

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i never had any adviice, i am useless with women :frowning:

My grandmother always said “go into marriage with your eyes wide open, be married with your eyes half closed”.

She wasn’t really in a position to be giving anyone advice on relationships,

But she said that one all the time.

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I’m sorry to hear of your uncles cancer. :broken_heart::pray:


Best relationship I got was this:
Noone is going to “make you happy”
I think it’s common to promise our significant other to make them thee happiest woman/man in the world.

And although it is true that people can bring joy into our hearts, Noone can fill the void in our heart except for God

Point in case. We shouldn’t spend time looking for the PERFECT person who will finally make our dreams come true. They don’t exist. We’re all flawed. If you do have someone in your life my advice would be to hold on to them

You will argue. You will be jealous. You will see the REAL them eventually and not like it.

But that’s also part of the beauty of a relationship. It’s self sacrificial in a way. We stick with a person even tho we don’t want to sometimes. But the perfect person doesn’t exist.

Honestly I think it’s better to remain single to avoid all these problems but if you do choose to have a relationship with someone I’d say appreciate what you have and show appreciation. Love is give and take and in the end it can be beautiful

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Aww. Thanks.

That’s really good advice!

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Thanks some of it was from bishop sheen idk if you know who that is he’s passed now

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