Darn, I'm sick

And I’m supposed to drive up with my sister a hundred miles to visit my mom tomorrow… I have a runny nose, I’m sneezing and coughing. I hope I feel better in the morning.

Sorry u are feeling unwell. I hope drinking more water and getting more sleep would help.

Take care, nick!

Nyquil daytime got me through the daytime and Nyquil nightime got me through the night last month when I had the flu turned into pnumonia.
It works wonders, although I’m pretty sure the nightime stuff has alcohol in it, the daytime stuff sure don’t.

I hope you get well soon… :smile:

Maybe this is why you had that other post about the very bad dream. You were getting a cold or allergies.

My head circus likes to play when I’m physically not 100%. I hate it when the head circus act’s up due to allergies. That just seems silly to me. It’s all in the pollen.

Hope you feel better soon Nick :smiley:

Yeah, I’m going to stay home and rest. My sister is going bring me some tea, and a lemon. and I have honey on hand to make a hot drink that might help. I realy thought I was feeling better until I talked on the phone to my sister. My voice sounds almost exactly like the devil in the movie “The Exorcist” when he was in the little girl. And thanks for the get well wishes.


I’m glad you have a sister on the way. I find that helps me a lot. Hope this passes soon and you get back on your feet.

Thanks Surprised…

I’m sorry to hear that Nick, hope u feel better soon. Seems like lots of people are getting the bug lately. Esp since this weather is so up and down yikes!

I hope you’ll be better. Cheers!

Hope it clears soon.

hope you feel better, also black strap molasses in your lemon tea, adds iron, magnesium, calcium etc.
take care

hope u feel better soon nick xxx

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Yeah, I looked into it darksith. Molasses is recommended. But I only have plain molasses, not black strap. I found several links that recommend mixing molasses with apple cider vinegar for cold symptoms, but it also says I can substitute honey, instead of molasses. I just drank a cup of Green Tea. Shortly, I will try honey and apple cider vinegar, mixed. Thanks.

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Thanks to everybody for the well wishes.