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So sick with a cold its terrible


Sneezed about 100 times during my sleep, couldn’t stop sneezing, but I was awake for every sneeze I had every 2 minutes or so :face_with_thermometer:


Aww, I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better soon :slight_smile:
I hope it’s just a regular cold and not the man-flu :wink:


Get well soon!!


Well I’ve been fine so far
Had flu jab in mid October
Hope you get relief soon
How about hot lemon and honey :honey_pot:


Sounds like man flu. Which as we all know is very serious ! :grinning:

Hope you get over it soon!


I’m getting soup from Chinese restaurant. I got a quart of wonton soup.


Good idea enjoy


My cold is still lingering. Hope you didn’t catch yours from me. :slight_smile:


I have a cold too. It began around last Friday.


Vicks first defence and I’ve been cold free so far, despite having the onset of symptoms!


For some reason, my colds last one day max.


I hope you feel better soon, @BigJon, @chordy, and @Skinnyme1!


Hope you feel better soon!


I’m feeling better today actually but I still cancelled my therapy. Well I have a headache and pains all over from sneezing, ive never sneezed so much in my damn life. I sneezed in my sleep 100 times and it woke me up every time. it was a weird night sunday night into Monday morning. Todays my last day I’m recovering then tomorrow I’m back to IOP then Thursday is my therapys reschedulement.