Dangerous impulses

Self sabotaging. : Stab someone next to me when holding a knife or fork like little cousin. I don’t pick up knives especially big ones when I’m next to like my mom or anyone. Feeling to rip up large bills of money. Scary. Jump from bridge or high places without thinking (sucked in). Even like the thought of opening the door on the freeway and pushing out my dog once. :frowning: Grab steering wheel from back seat on freeway. Like sit on my hands uncomfortable and nervous after this impulse/thought. Other than these I’m normal! And hallucinations following me hearing voices eh

Impulsive behaviour/thoughts could be caused by your antipsychotic, especially abilify/rexulti/vraylar.

Definitely worth mentioning this to your psychiatrist.

I am violent with my family off meds. I can’t live with ppl if I am unmedicated.

I get too irritable off meds.

Thanks for replies @Aziz hang in there. I just had one I had to carry a big ass piece of wood to my dad and thought kinda feeling to throw it through the window lol sucks

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It’s like an intrusive thought and a feeling in my hands to do it idk :neutral_face::no_mouth:

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Yeah, defo intrusive thoughts. You might need CBT so you can dismiss these thoughts.

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It’s okay just the knife one is scary like drop the knife thing and walking on a bridge with low guard rail is bad it’s like a phobia of heights ‘catapedaphobia’ thanks for your response and help.

How do you get little writing under your name???

I get all kinds of violent impulses. Burn the house down, break expensive items, etc. just for the hell of it. It’s intrusive enough, but usually I ponder them for a few minutes to feel better, then I move on. It’s like contemplating destruction without actually doing it will satisfy the urge.


This could be OCD related instrusive thoughts. I have been learning about it more for myself as I have similar thought issues.

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I also read that it also occurs in thought disorders like sz. Im not sure. It could be one or the other. since you hear voices probably just the sz.

Do OCD meds reduce violent behavior and irritability?

I doubt it. I think maybe treating ocd thoughts might help? I read about exposure therapy not being good for people with thought disorders like sz.
but maybe just learning to let go of the thoughts and trying to be neutral about it would be good practice.
Thats what I’m trying to do anyway lol.

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Im pretty sure I had OCD off meds, maybe some of it is remaining and making me irritable.

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@ThePlagueDoctor thank you so much @LevelJ1 thanks again

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