Dangerous headaches and The Voices

Have the voices given you a headache big enough to make your head feel really bad? I’ve had this headache that starts every time the voices start talking, not to mention that sometimes its their without them talking


Yes voices causes me headaches when off meds, I think its the unmedicated psychosis that causes these headaches for me. I remember I had an extreme headache when the voices kept telling me prove that you’re God by killing yourself, I swallowed a whole big Tylenol bottle it was suicide. There was only a few pills left, I stopped as I started vomitting. My parents brought me to the emergency, they gave me an antidote for Tylenol overdose to prevent liver failure. The same day a psychiatrist diagnosed me with psychosis NOS.

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The last time I was in the hospital it felt like my head was about to explode, it was so full of shadows


The voice in my head makes my body ache! Can you guys visualize the voice speaking? I could, makes it twice as bad.

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Yea I get aches and headaches @Caesar

Also I think this might be a thing that these headaches exists.

Well after going off my psych meds, I started hearing voices like crazy. Oddly enough, I still took my blood pressure meds. After losing weight, my blood pressure became dangerously low. This gave me headaches and made me pass out too. I fell and bumped my head a few times. So, yeah, I got headaches for awhile not due solely to the voices.

I get bad headaches. I think my thoughts are very stressful. Its like theres someone taking a sledgehammer to my brains.

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