Can hearing voices cause headaches?

(I think I might have made a similar thread in the past. In that case I’m sorry. )

I’ve noticed I tend to notice the voices more when I have a headache. Ever since my friend’s death, my voices have been louder and I’ve also had a headache more or less constantly.

I’m not asking if voices cause headaches. I’m asking if there’s some correlation.

I also get a headache if the voices are loud and I’m focusing on resisting them.

So what do you think? Anyone with similar experiences?

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Yes I had a headache when I began to get these whispers and I was trying not to hear them, it wasn’t as bad as yours but still a headache. @naturallycured says that our brains become inflamed when we hear voices and have a headache, I think there’s definently a correlation there. Just like stress.

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I can see it, from both sides.

Having a headache is a stressor, pain, discomfort, it takes a toll. When that happens we’re more susceptible to voices, can’t fight them off as easily.

Other side of the coin is similar. Voices been picking on you, trying to put thoughts into your head, just being a pain. That itself is a stressor, and can lead to a headache.

I could see this being an issue for someone susceptible to these parameters

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