Cutting back on meds

I’m going to just take Lisinopril (blood pressure) and Abilify. I’m stopping Glipizide (diabetes), Simvastatin (cholesterol), and Omeprazole (heartburn). I going to control these issues through diet. I’m going to keep an eye on my blood sugar though. If it gets bad, I’ll start taking them again. I’m going to try managing heartburn on an as needed basis with otc Gaviscon.

I’m concerned about damaging my kidneys and liver.


@ElGato. Have you spoken with your doctor about this?


Very bad idea. Please talk to your doctor first.

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If you diet and lose weight, and your sugar goes down as a result, your dr will start weaning you off the glipizide etc. I’d do it under their supervision not on my own

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Consult with your doctor first @ElGato.
This is a terrible idea!

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First bring lab values to their lowest or close to the lower limit, then your Drs will stop the meds for each test, glucose, cholesterol, LDL, etc Don’t do it on your own.

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