Stopped taking blood pressure and diabetes meds

I’ve been feeling rundown, moody, and not having any energy. I stopped taking my BP and Diabetes meds today to see if the Abilify I take at bedtime was doing it. My symptoms went away this morning after not taking the BP and Diabetes meds.

My BP was 132/65 and blood sugar two hours after meals were 106, 100, and 111. I’m going to see what my fasting blood sugar is tomorrow morning. I intentionally didn’t eat much carbs. The 111 blood sugar was after a bowl of All Bran cereal with soy milk. For normal people this number is 90-110. Prediabetes 140-199, and Diabetes 200 and up.

I’m not sure which med was causing the symptoms or if it was my diet.

I would not change med dosages or stop meds without first consulting your Dr.

For example, stopping some BP meds can cause rebound high BP that can be dangerously high.


please please ask your doctor don’t stop taking these are important medicines for your health. Tell the doctor your experience and see what he says.

Don’t just risk this without any idea of what you’re doing.


I hope you know enough about your BP medication so you aren’t doing something dangerous by stopping it. I get a printout from my pharmacy each time I fill a prescription. It gives lots of info on possible side effects, taking it with other medications and stopping it suddenly. My BP meds warn me about stopping them suddenly. I forgot exactly what it said, but there is a danger of going off them.


Thanks @Moonbeam @Ryanana @77nick77. I spoke to the head pharmacist and she thought I should take my BP med. She said my blood sugar seemed fine, and I should talk to my doctor about the diabetes med. I’ll take the BP med tomorrow and see what happens.


I’m glad you’re going to take your BP medicine. It’s dangerous to suddenly stop it. But talk to your dr, because I was successfully taken off BP meds by my dr. It is possible for the dr to agree and wean you off the meds safely over time.


Yeah, you did the right thing, it’s good to be smart about it.


My blood pressure was high was 14/ walking and exercises i reduced to 13/8(normal upper limit).i can advice you if you not doing exercise it s not good idea to quit bp meds


Thanks Dustypages.


Sure at the moment things are fine and wonderful but I imagine the drugs are still in your system. It was good to check with your pharmacist but check with your doctor to back that up because otherwise that sounds like suicide.


Don’t abruptly stop taking your bp and diabetes meds @Blue65.

Stopping your bp meds suddenly can cause dangerous rebound spikes in your blood pressure.

It requires a gradual withdrawal.

This is especially true if you take a beta blocker, but all blood pressure meds require a gradual withdrawal.

The best thing you can do is talk with your doctor about it.

I take blood pressure meds and Metformin for my diabetes.

Good luck!


Thanks @Wave @Blizzard

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