Voices are filling my head

Voices came back and I can’t think straight. Can’t draw because of them. They don’t sound like anyone I know. Just keeps interrupting my thought process. I was listening to Disney music all day. They are finishing my thoughts too so I don’t know what I’m typing. Can my antidepressant be doing this?

I remember you said you had a higher dose of invega injection yesterday. Maybe give it time to kick in ?

If it gets too rough then call your medical team.

Thoughts and emotions are spiritual aspects of the mind.

Ok. Ill give it time. Your avatar is a clock

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Haha! It’s a watch actually. :slight_smile:

Oh haha 15151515 it is

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When I was in a lower dose of Invega I felt horrible. I was sure it wasn’t helping me. Then we went up to 234 and it took a day or so for me to feel better. When it did kick in I felt better than I had in years.

Now mine would wear off about 3 weeks after the shot so we went up to every 3 weeks so I didn’t have to rely on risperdone prn or deal with the awful symptoms coming back.

Just relax and I can bet you’ll start feeling better soon.

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Thanks 1516 for the advice

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It’s hard when voices kick off when your trying to draw and listen to music, I find maybe having your meds if you can, don’t give up with the drawing or music keep fighting I know it’s easy said then done but we understand what your going through

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