Currently -16F and dropping


That sucks @GrayBear. I’ll be in that temp soon. Ugh!


Lol. That’s funny @agent101g


We’re also dealing with some chilly temperatures.

Stay bundled up @Pianogal, and please try and limit your exposure to the outside weather.



Yes @196desperado. That’s a real concern. In colder areas, houses are usually built so that the plumbing is more internal to keep the pipes from freezing. But it can still happen.


I’m not going anywhere tomorrow unless I have to @Montezuma!!!


i have them double insulated in an unheated crawl space and they always worry me when it gets this cold


@196desperado at least you know you did everything you could do


I heard on the morning news that some parts of Canada will be as cold as Antarctica today or tomorrow can’t remember. The news can be sensationalized but it does sound freakishly cold from what I’ve been reading here.


@ilovethaifood I heard that too! Crazy!!!


Let the water run just a trickle, that should keep the pipes from freezing.


@196desperado @HelenBack that’s what I’m doing. I’m letting a faucet drip to keep the pipes from freezing


Yes I do. I have a volunteer meeting tomorrow afternoon at 1 pm @Pianogal.


WOW, Global freezing. What happened to Global warming ?

It looks like the temp is swinging from too hot, to too cold, back and forth.

If the swing gets big enough, summer will be cold, and winter will be warm. LOL


Hopefully you have enough winter clothes to bundle up really good!


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