Current status


I am

I can’t
Like fuses
Driving me insane
I can’t stand
Ongoing ingredients
Silly rabbit tricks are for drugs kids
Rip it open tear me out
Loose leaf
Lucy for
Lucy four
Lucy fore president
For luck clover
Hey now brown cow brother
No big huge brother
It’s huge Tom
Ya no whadimean
Stop can’t pause rewind ff stop stop
Itch Remember
It’s been crazy crazy but I’m thinking of a good
Eye D arias
Please stop
Inside of me
Swallow the life saver
Silent lucidity
Lucidity silent
In the mouth of madness
And the Byzantine church
Love craft reality
I can’t

Keep the wolves away
Let me keep breathing
The trick is to keep breathing
What’s the treat?
Eminem Mars
I am me
Reflection mirror
Mirror worlds
Across layers of reality

Ok Charles
Lies lies lies
In one ear
Out the other
I heard you
I noticed
I know
Just a little more time
Hey joe
Whatdaya know
Clear my head
Body and everything will follow

Roachs are good for you
Don’t you know
Healthy in fact
Didn’t you know
You eat 8 of them every night
Didn’t you know
This is a true fact
Didn’t you know
You didn’t know this
You’re so stupid
You don’t believe this
You’re so stupid
It’s perfectly fine to eat off of dishes that roaches crawl all over
You’re disgusted by that?
Your so stupid
And wrong
Well what do you know
Apparently I’m so stupid and wrong about everything
You are disgusting
Absolutely disgusting and gross
Funny how it’s something wrong with me
This ■■■■ is insane

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions
Why did they never mention what’s real and in between
It seems the path were on paved with blood and sorrow
No thought about tomorrow
Just part of the machine or so it seems
Yeah so it seems
Would you believe there’s only four more people in the world
And when you’re not looking they change masks

Somewhere over the rainbow it’s the same
Instead of needle infested train tracks
No matter how fast you run from the eye I you hate
The eye
The I
The “i”
I eye
There is no escape (There is no escape)

Which makes everything. .

Time is ticking
If you listen to the sign
Sing a song that

Plans shift
An issue of ego tissue
Explicit to the point of

But you’d be even more pissed off if I told you what i really thought
So just walk away
You’re better off never caring
What I say

In love with sensation
My own mental patient patience
But that’s the price you pay
if you want to live free

Something in the air make me
not want to care
As it drapes across the landscape
Off the beaten path
Learn the secret math
Keeping the laugh, smug
Too deep in the back of luck
Happy as ■■■■
But nobody’s convinced
Ever since I came to learn all the right turns
Wrong turns
Wrong turn
House on the left
house on the Left
House dekker
Wrong turn house on the left
Strange highways
The dead zone
The dead zone king
King Utica
Utopia Utica

cursed with the cigarette burns
the lost words
Dear God
thinking this aquarium is
deeper than the last one
My castle was never made of sand
It’s one big aluminum can
The chateau of the damned

I been a lot of places and I’ve seen a lot of faces
Put me on your medication or
Drop me off in space and never come to get me forget me
(Forget me)
(Forget me)
(Forget me)
(Forget me)
(Forget me)
(Forget me)

A million little pieces
Many lost
Blank black holes missing Swiss cheese
My sweet audrina
Stare at the gates there’s a time and place
When the lions arrive and they’re comin’ your way
Outback in the corner of a crooked town
Duck down better hit the ground
Remember don’t remember

A couple of crosses and a black rose
Some days I thank God
Sometimes it’s the same ■■■■ different day
Same demon
Never leaves
Stuck in this bullisht world
Wrong reality
This is not my world
These people are not people like me
An upside down
Wrong world
I miss my world
I need to get back to it

There’s nothing wrong with me
Me I’m fine
These people tho
They’re ■■■■■■■ batshit loony toons
Call me crazy
The nerve
Wtf dude
I’d laugh if this ■■■■ wasn’t real
It’s not funny
I’m not laughing

Time bomb
Ticking time bomb
He’s ■■■■■■■ insane crazy
Nasty attitude
Fake being laid back similar
Pretend friend
Pretend understand
But underneath hiding the hateful hostility
Comes screaming out
Twisting truth
Denying truth
Spewing hate and threats of violence
Sudden switch
Rips lid off the whole facade
No longer friendly or pretending
All I feared revealed to be the real face
Told ignore it’s not true it’s not like that
Except it very much is like that
Come screaming at me with all these problems
All the same things spent month telling me
Not a problem no problems everything fine good
■■■■■■■ scary
Time bomb
30 days
I hope I can find a safe place
I am terrified of this person