Curing Schizophrenia - I am watching phd doctors lecture and discourses to get any tip off on mental illness...!

This is what i am doing…!!!
#Do watch it guys…!!!


Great stuff - thanks for posting these.

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The guy from London Kings college is a douche. Any doctor that claims the current antipsychotics are effective in treating the positive symptoms and that we don’t need improvement in that area is afraid to speak out against the pharmaceutical industry. He probably is on the take from various companies like a lot of these doctors who get all cozy with their pharmaceutical reps. To say that the current antipsychotics do not hold people back from performing their day to day function is absurd. Why is their such a high rate of noncompliance? Because the meds are toxic that’s why. Man up and admit that these meds are garbage. To do anything less is an insult to every patient that you ever saw on your ward.

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Yes cognitive and negative symptoms are an unmet need. Yea we need medicines that adequately address those symptoms of sz too. But by no means are current antipsychotics satisfactory forms of treatment.

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