Cult Front Groups?

I’ve been read about Aleister Crowley recently, which led my to Jack Parsons, which led my to scientologies founder L. Ron Hubbard. Anyways, I’ve been reading a bit about scientology tonight and it triggered some old memories.

There was a channel on youtube that had various topics, some of which were somewhat anti-psychiatry that I used to watch videos from sometime. The introduction to these videos and the language used seemed to be somewhat hypnotizing. They also hinted at some strange things such that communist had taken of the US government in one video. Obviously I don’t believe this ■■■■, but recognized similar themes in scientology articles I read. This makes me question if the youtube channel wasn’t a front group spreading scientology propaganda.

Cults in the USA have way too much influence if you ask me. Tax exemption status should be immediately taken away from all religious institutions.

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Do any of you have experience with cults or scientology in particular?

Agree on that. Or, on the flip side, everyone else should be given tax exempt status. That would suit me fine.


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I’m pretty lucky I didn’t get sucked into occult groups… some of them sound so good. That’s the point isn’t it. I was at a very vulnerable point in my late teens… I would have been so easy to take in.

When I was just out of hospital at 19 and threw away my meds… and decided to live a life free from the bourgeois trappings of others… (things like electricity and running water) I tried to find others who would follow me in living … off the land… naked…

but there were no takers.



Unrelated but once I heard

If a lot of people believe it, it’s religion

If a few people believe it, it’s a cult

If one person believes it, it’s mental illness


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I would go down with that in my psychotic years! We could’ve started a commune

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