Creativity / Anti-psychotic meds

My creativity isn’t the best atm. I make music so it’s very imporant for me to feel passionated of music making.
Before the medication, I had lot of musical ideas. The situation right now is, that my brains don’t serve me, when I try to get music done. Inspiration is very important also for the people who don’t make music, right?
Anyway, things could be worse, - right now my limitaions are related to the inspiration level. But if i would be deaf, then things would be a lot worse.

Was watching Whitney H. blow the sox off an audience on YT the other night. Wish to God that poor girl could have been on Invega (or, or, or) a few years ago. What she might have lost for a few years, she’d have at least had a chance to regain later on.

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The drug Haldol totally destroyed my ability to write. It also totally demoralized me. I can write on Geodon and Seroquel, though. Maybe you could try different drugs. The atypical AP’s are not nearly as debilitating as the typical AP’s.

Killed creativity was one of the worst things I experienced on meds.

They all did it to me, even before AP’s I had waning abilities on Lithium and some others. I’ve heard that atypicals fare better, but it’s not an exact science by any means. It’s trial and error. Often very much error.

I feel for you. When you derive the bulk of your happiness and identity from something that is stripped from you because you are being treated for schizophrenia it cuts a huge hole in you. When a musician develops arthritis and can no longer perform at least people understand, or even empathize.

It’s a matter of balance. If you can find a medication that knocks out the symptoms you may be able to gradually lower it to a minimal (or zero) dose that can bring back the bulk of your ability. It’s dangerous to your identity to not experiment with meds, or whatever else, to bring back this ability. If you can get to a point where your symptoms aren’t running your life and you can take a low dose and get at least some of your ability back you should be able to see improvement with your remaining symptoms. Passion and pleasure can do so much for positive and negative symptoms. Make sure your doc knows this and get him/her to work with you. I found Latuda to be the least inhibiting drug, but that’s just my experience.

I was raised miserable…I found I work as analytical naturally, creativity is a product of different, positive environment I cannot reach right now very easily. I’m not fighting it after having to return to living with my family. I don’t do creative work very easily with ‘shields up’ and ‘let it roll off’. NOthing in my community is that alright any longer for someone on disability pay after mental care, no need to look. Can get into museum, concerts, theatre, movies but classes are excruciatingly stupid now…even if you wanted to use the subject for work. STUUUUUPID!

I have been craving nature for a while but situation is so bad with the local hiking/camping stuff in city of 500k, I have to go alone…Don’t want anything to do with their intentions…

Lot of us have been thinking that how much things are up to our own will. Sadly “free will” has it’s limitations and doesn’t always work for our own good. Anyway, I believe that my medication isn’t limiting my creativity as much as the scizophrenia itself. Sure, I have less dopamine in my brain than what it would be if I wasn’t taking the meds, but somehow I have a strong feel to it, that I’m stock because of the sympthons of the SCIZOPHRENIA itself.

Negative symptoms will kill it for sure. I found positive symptoms helped but only to breed work that stuck to a defined and destructive subject matter. That being said, the ability to channel some sort of expression was hugely therapeutic. It’s likely going to be up and down and you may find that the proper balance is a very tough one. None of this is easy though. I have experienced blocks in my thinking. I could sit and try to force some sort of answer from my brain but feel it unable to move. Like paralysis. You know what you always do to get the result but it won’t work. Part of it is the creative brain in general. If it’s the schizophrenia itself causing your trouble, I would consider that better than the drugs causing it. It still hurts though. If it doesn’t cause your thoughts to race or give you increased anxiety, there are some exercises you can do to channel things out of you. I’m talking about things that any artist would use while experiencing a block. It may provide a structured distraction for you, although you may have to start slow.

Would switching from injection abilify to oral abilify increase my creativity?

I wouldn’t think it would do much.

The only way I can see it making any significant difference is if you notice regular fluctuations in your creative abilities. The way you metabolize would be affected most likely. That may produce no noticeable differences in any aspect, or it may.