Creativity and psychosis

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increased creativity? Associated with creativity (or at least people who answer ads asking for people who believe they have high creativity) in people with high intellectual and academic performance. Intriguingly, the highest creative achievements and creative-thinking scores were found in people who carried the (T;T) genotype, which was previously shown to be related to psychosis risk and altered prefrontal activation. omim rs6994992 in 5-prime promoter region of the NRG1 gene regulates expression of the NRG1 type IV isoform. The T allele, which is the schizophrenia risk allele, showed a 65% increase in promoter activity. newscientist reports that this variation has been linked to psychosis, poor memory and sensitivity to criticism.

This is my genotype.

Done using Promethease.

I don’t consider myself particularly creative though poor memory(short term) and sensitivity to criticism apply.

My Dad is an art teacher and very creative… but he’s neurotypical. I think because he’s around a lot of creative images and around a less structured topic, he can flex his creative muscle.

I’m beginning to see creativity just like everything else… use it and it gets stronger…

don’t use it and it goes away.


I do consider myself to be highly creative, maybe a bit too creative. The issue I am facing is low motivation, I do not have the motivation to draw and write poetry like I used to

“You must have chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.”
- Nietszche -


I was creative before I had SZ and I continue to be creative now. I consider myself creative in spite of medical issues, not because of them. Frankly, I consider it offensive when people attribute my success to a medical condition that has tried to kill me. Leaves me feeling minimized and pissed off.



The med’s killed my creativity for a while. Haldol killed my imagination dead. I can write on Geodon and Seroquel, though.

I wholeheartedly agree. I do not believe that schizophrenia makes anyone more creative. I certainly haven’t seen it in the schizophrenics I’ve encountered. People love the idea, it makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside thinking that they’re ‘creative’ because of their illness, but it doesn’t work like that.

Truthfully, most of the creative works I’ve seen from the mentally ill were not very good. Sure, they’re good for someone with a severe mental illness, but they really don’t compare against general works of art.

Yes, there are exceptions, and those exceptions are the point. Some people are just creative, regardless of mental status. Whether it’s innate or learned, their creativity is independent of mental health.

Pixel is creative and produces quality art because of something inside him, something he cultivates, and it’s not schizophrenia. I mean really, you think the average schizophrenic could be as creative as he is? Not likely, regardless of how much people want to believe.

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Do people with high intellectual and academic performance typically answer ads asking for people who believe they have high creativity? Do they typically answer ads at all?

I read that article and outside of the first sentence there’s nothing in it that backs up the idea of schizophrenics and creativity. The don’t even provide a single example.

Now bipolar, if you’ve got that you’re gold. lol

I’ve seen the correlation between ADHD and creativity. I never had the H though just the ADD. Yes I was always the more creative type, especially in childhood. This is something I’ve lost touch with though as I got a little older. The inspiration is really no longer there. Could be perhaps a result of having suffered psychosis so long but it could also be part of growing up and losing touch with the kid inside.

Creativity is not limited to drawing, and artwork. Many of your writers, authors, world leaders, industry leaders, inventors suffer from some form of mental illness. There is a strong link between creativity and mental illness.
I do admit that the creative link - when it applies to schizophrenia is not as strong as it is with bipolar disorder or depression for writers lets say - but the link does exist.

I’ve always been an artist since I was very young. I have always been a writer since before I got ill. I don’t want to go into the argument here that because I’m schizophrenic I’m creative. I am always told how talented I am when people see my paintings or when they hear me play my instruments. I like to think that’s “me” and not my illness. This thread makes me think of John Nash in " a beautiful mind" when he made that discovery and evidence of random movements being able to be put into mathematics. I don’t believe he could have made that “discovery” had he not been delusional.