Crazy dreams because of AP’s

I hadn’t taken my AP for two days I believe… and both nights I slept awesome. Last night I finally remembered to take my AP and had a horrible dream and feel so grumpy this morning. I dreamt I was on hardcore drugs, don’t remember what kind and my dad ended up dying, I had to kill someone (a drug lord or something) and my mom and I had to escape on a train… the other nights I didn’t even have dreams…

Do you have crazy dreams?

I remember when I was in the psych ward, I wore the nicotine patches (over night, like an idiot) and those dreams were pretty intense. Despite being on APs.

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Weird, I get nightmares off meds and on low dose APs like drawning in the ocean, eaten by a snake or beheaded by terrorists etc

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Interesting… I guess it does the opposite🤷‍♀️


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If I don’t take my abilify at the exact same time everyday I get vivid dreams. Maybe make sure you take your AP at the exact same time always.


Oh good idea… I am also on abilify so maybe it’s because I’m not taking it at the same time everyday…


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