Crappy yet tasty supper

I don’t care. I’ve had more than I can handle this last week so shitty meal tonight.
We are having pizza pops and farmer sausage wieners.
What is on your menu today?


Today I feel nauseous so I won’t eat much.
Some fruit, I prefer banana and mandarin atm.
Some spaghetti meatballs.
Cup of coffee

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Lunch was leftover BBQed beef patties and avocado and bean salad. Supper is a chili dog and garden salad.

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Lasagna !

Store bought though, still tasty.


I made chicken an dumplings. Hurricane food. We still have power I am waiting for it to cool so we can eat it. .

Last night on the actual hurricane day I made Swedish meatballs.


For breakfast I had a peach. For lunch I had leftover spaghetti. Don’t know what’s for dinner but I’m trying to loose weight!


I had Wendy’s chili and a nectarine

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mom made some frozen rice chicken and veggies thing in a bag. it fed 3. wasn’t very good. i could tell it was store bought, mostly the sauce was a little too sweet or something.

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