Crappy paycheck

Got paid today. Because one of my shifts got cancelled last week and the other shift was shorter than normal my paycheck this week was only $89.

I guess it’s better than nothing, but I should be earning around $200-$250/week based on my desired work schedule, business has been slow lately though.


sorry to hear that i hope you can make due. best wishes

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Ya, that sucks for sure. Wish you the best.

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Thanks @ThePoet and @anon28145038

Well my job is delivering packages people have ordered online. But with everything opening up people want to get out of the house and go to the stores for something to do, so they are not ordering as much stuff online anymore so I have nothing to deliver.

The boss thinks things will improve in a couple months as human nature kicks in, going out to the store loses its appeal, people become lazy and start ordering stuff online again, but that is only a theory.


89 is nice I had no work since November! I take all forms of currency! I am expecting about 60 to 70k as a valet based on what everyone has told me! I’m blessed! I don’t need that much ! I applied to a lot of minimum wage jobs too I just like money no matter how big or little!!


Shift got canceled? Are you sure their not just using you to fill shifts others don’t want? Like if they want you to just be on call then they should be paying you for that. Or is it just covid.

No, there are not very many packages to be delivered. They are rotating cancelling peoples shifts so no one takes the brunt of the downturn in business.

The way the job works is they list all available shifts for the following week and I just sign up for the ones I want to work. A manager will never ask me to work a shift or assign me a shift. Sometimes they are short workers because no one signs up for certain shifts.

It’s just because the pandemic is ending and people are going out shopping instead of ordering stuff online. No packages to deliver means no work.

That actually sounds pretty good. I’m sure eventually people will start buying online due to prices.

Well I’ll survive, but $89 isn’t what I base my plans on, when business is normal I should be making about $120/day and i should be working 2-3 shifts per week (part time).

But there is nothing anyone can do, if there is no business then there is no business. It’s no ones fault.

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that valet must be at some sort of night club style place?

A 1600 room hotel

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$89? Do you get any other income? That’s going to make it tough to get bills paid.

Yeah, I have some other income. Plus I get paid every Friday, so next week my paycheck should be back to normal. It’s just this week that will be hard, but all my bills come due at the end/beginning of each month so even thought this sucks, now is the best time for this to happen.

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Good, it sounds like you have things covered and you’ll be alright

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