Counting the old men on bikes after they had a DUI in my home town

sorry to say yesterday i counted 15, nice to see the judge stoping it. but at the same time i feel for those men in the winter geting to there jobs. oh yes they well be out in the snow riding there bikes on the streets. making it hard for people to drive. wish we had a better taxi serves that would take them. home.but we don’t. please don’t drive drunk. its to much of a head ack. and the judge don’t care.


I wish everyone that drank and then drove lost their license.

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Ha ha! I see this, too, around town. At first I wondered about all the old dudes on bicycles and then someone told me they were drunks who had their driver’s licenses revoked by a judge.

then you’ve never suffered

and I’ll try to keep that in mind.

The old men with DUIs drive scooters here, as people over 18 don’t need a license for those. It’s easy to spot them, because their scooters are usually worn down and have beercrates on the back.
Not to mention they’re often parked outside the local pub…

I don’t understand what makes people get behind any kind of wheel when they’ve been drinking. They’re not only endangering themselves, they’re endangering others. It’s selfish.

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okay, then your’e better than most.

Drinking has been around for a couple thousand years
but cars only the last century.

Well, drinking might have been around longer, but people know how dangerous it is to drink and get into traffic. It’s selfish that they do it anyways.

And since drinking have been around for longer, most people should have knowledge by now about how it ruins ones ability to make desicions, pay attention, and motor skills.

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that’s up to decide

I’ve seen plenty of crazy drivers

who haven’t had a drop of beer.

Yeah, they run me off the road.

But the chance of being crazy driver increases exponentially with alcohol.
It’s stupid, reckless, selfish and thoughtless, and people who are caught driving drunk should have their licenses revoked until they’ve attended sobriety programs and proven their willingness to get off the booze for good.

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I’ve never experienced that as an alcoholic

never gotten a DUI, it typically doesn’t happen from reckless driving

but something wrong with your car, like a headlight out, or a taillight out,

or not coming to complete stop at a nothing stop sign

or a couple thinking the other paid for the gas, then cops on ya

I’ve spotted alcoholics on the road several times. Their speed varies, their cars wobble, and they are generally reckless. My friend and I have several times called the police and being asked to follow them until the police could get there.

Only one time was it not someone who was blind drunk, but that was a man with severe dementia.

I don’t understand why you’re defending drinking and driving. It causes accidents. There’s statistical proof that drunk drivers cause more accidents.

Just because you haven’t caused an accident yet, doesn’t mean all drunk drivers are as good at driving.
It also depends on how much you’ve had. Here, people are allowed to drive after having a beer.
It usually doesn’t affect people much.

But if someone were to drive blind drunk, it would most likely not end well for them.

Stop defending a reckless selfish action.

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I appreciate your comments

now, you keep being friends with cops

and I’ll keep looking out at them staring at me.

Stop defending illegal things.

It’s funny, most of the people I know who hate cops keep doing illegal things that forces cops to interact with them.

If you don’t want to deal with cops, follow the rules. They’re there for a reason.


you may not know my whole story

but you are a schizophrenic, right?

yeah, they hate us.

Yeah I have. Some sorry drunk killed my best friend. I could care less if I hurt the feelings of a drunk driver. GOOD.

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Zero sympathy. Stupidity is supposed to be painful.

More, please.

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