I think Phil got a DUI, he's not home yet

He went out with his sons

and I know they were drinking,

it’s only a matter of time.

He wouldn’t be gone this long.

Does he usually drive after he’s been drinking?

yeah, he does.

It’s a major problem.

Christ, I can’t handle this right now.

Sorry @Daze. Maybe there’s another reason he’s not home yet.

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Can you call one of his sons and see if they’re still hanging out?

yeah, he said it would be brief,

but they all went out to eat and drink.

I hope it works out that he’s home soon.


Hope things work out ok @Daze. Hang in there.


Drinking and driving is no good. Do you have Uber in your area?

he’s just back in Fulton, dropping the kids off,

and coming home.

F-uck-er. I hate him. Gone 7 hours.

And why are you still with him?

He’s basically committing the crime of attempted murder every time he gets behind the wheel.


he’s not legally drunk

but the thought can be played in an accident.

I worry more about his going out with sons and drinking.

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