When I got a DUI

They took me in to the station. The cop that arrested me wasn’t pleased AT ALL. But then these two younger cops came in and started talking to me.

I was about to do my breathalyzer test and I said to them “.07 coming right up!” They laughed and said “How old are you” and I sarcastically said “21” as I rolled my eyes. (I was 20). Then they laughed again because I probably looked 15 at the time.

At least I was able to make jokes out of a bad situation.


I blew .11 by the way

The legal limit is .04, right? I got caught with alcohol in my car when I was 17 or 18 but it was just a ticket. I didn’t get taken in though, I just had to go see a judge and talk to him. I got caught a couple of times.

It was .03 for kids (under 21). .08 for adults. But yeah I was only 20 at the time so it was .03. At least it was in New Jersey where it’s a “traffic violation” and not even a misdemeanor. But then later that year I got arrested in my home state of Connecticut for a psychotic break while I was under the influence of marijuana and got another DUI even though I blew a 0.0. It was good though because I got treatment out of it. Although it was painful staying in the psych ward for a month and a half and then rehab for another month, it was helpful. Although I wasn’t ready for treatment at the time, no treatment is bad.

I am lucky I never got a DUI back in my crazy days. My coworkers and I used to play Race the Buzz, where you chug tequila then try to drive home before you get too drunk. Basically, I was a complete moron with no regard for myself or anyone else, and I should have been arrested, but instead I got into treatment and knocked that ■■■■ off.

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More importantly than you not getting a DUI, is you didn’t hurt anybody :blush:

True. My idiocy could have easily ended a life. I should do something to make amends for my actions. Any suggestions?

Don’t worry about it man! As long as you’re straight now and never hurt anybody than just thank God for having your back. There’s always things to do to make amends for guilty actions such as community service, volunteering, donating to charity, buying a homeless man a meal,. But seriously you should just be thankful that God had your back all those nights :smiley:

Everything happens for a reason i like to think. And you hurting somebody would have been against those premises…

Well I used to work with kids with behavioral and intellectual disorders. I had to stop after one of them gave me a severe concussion, because of the risk of re injury. Do you think that counts?

I don’t think you deserve that no matter what you did. But we gotta deal with the cards we’re dealt. You offer me a tough question. Because there’s always more work we can do…But it sounds like you’ve had it pretty rough. I guess what I’m trying to say is you should always give back, maybe in alternate ways than the ways you’ve done, but it sounds like you’ve done your fair share of service. I don’t believe in negative karma, only positive karma if that’s what you’re asking by any means.

Volunteer at your local MADD chapter. If they still exist.