Count my blessing

Okay, today I am summarizing the positive events that are truly a blessing.

I never think I could travel to the Australia for sixth times (with 9 months stay in total) and what’s more, tomorrow I will be departing for the Australia again for seventh time!

Besides this, I have travelled to neighboring country, the Singapore, for twice with ten years in between. Also, I have travelled to east coast and the Borneo for two weeks.

Your turn. Count your blessing…

A beautiful house, a supportive roommate, a loving family, financial security, an understanding doctor.

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Wow. Your own house? (Because you mentioned “financial security”)

It’s in my roommate’s name :smile_cat:

Today’s the fifth day of sobriety

I’m thankful for it

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Have your sport teams win again?

Enjoy your fifth day. Peace be with you.

They’re still winning lol

Also another great blessing is an increase in ssdi

I’m always one to say money doesn’t count for much, but it’s another thing to live comfortably or not. Something I can do now. Living comfortably, is MINE now. Thanks to ssdi

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when someone says count your blessings why do i instantly look at the negative?

good home, nice area, great support,

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New shoelaces…

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Family and a few friends who understands me and loves me anyway…

A job I like

A doc who I can work with

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