Counting my blessings

This has been an interesting six years for sure. It’s definitely not as bad as being married. I’ve grown so much and developed my faith more. Overall I’d say sz or whatever you want to call it has been a net gain. I’m able to just chill out and ride the waves. It’s taught me a lot for sure. #blessed

Today has been a day of reflection. A good day needless to say. I came to the realization that when people try to destroy you they simply can’t. God has a bigger plan. His plans are higher than our ways. Ive also had another faith building experience realizing that greater than 90% of inuitives believe in god. A chilled day for sure. #blessed

I’ll consider this my thread and go back to posting daily like I used to. Just remember I’ve had just a few bad days the last six years. So if you don’t like positivity and happiness shoo fly.

Let me walk back the part about people can’t destroy me. I’m sure powerful people can destroy me. BUT everything is a gain when God is on your side. If that makes sense.

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